Composition of Board

For proper execution of the functions of the Board, the Road and Fuel Tolls Act CAP 220 (Revised edition of 2006) establishes the composition of the Board. The Board is comprises of nine Members, four from the public sector and five from the private sector. The tenure of office of the Board member is 3 years renewable once.

  1. Vacant - Chairperson
  2. Mr. Octavian E.N. Mshiu - Vice Chairman
  3. Mr. Adolf Hyasinth Ndunguru - The Permanent Secretary, President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government
  4. Dr. Natu E. Mwamba - The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance
  5. Eng. Aisha S. Amour - The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Works
  6. Ms. Neema Mhondo - Representative from Confederation of Tanzania Industries
  7. Eng. Alois M. Matei - Director from Ministry of Works
  8. Mr. Hussein Wandwi - Representative from Tanzania Truck Owners Association
  9. Mr. William Mwakilema - Member